Putting Ubuntu Studio on a Mac Book Pro

Remember when I told you how I liked working on the Mac Book Pro? Well, it really was a nice experience.

Yet, just a few hours ago, I was trying to install Ubuntu Studio on that machine which belongs to my older brother and was unable to do so..

At first, I decided to have my brother burn the iso to a DVD. Yet, when he did so it still didn’t work. So then I used the same DVD to try to install it onto my laptop, the same one I spoke about here. I would do it in virtualbox and it worked just fine.

So, obviously there was nothing wrong with the DVD or the data stored onto it.

Which brings me back to why I complain about Apple.

Hmm, where do I start? Well, for one the hardware is rather expensive and you would think after spending so much money on something that one would in fact have the freedom to install whatever they like on their machine. Yet, this is not the case in the walled-garden that is MAC.

Are they afraid, that maybe just maybe open-source software would be preferred by their users? What about having the ability to make a choice?

Is that freedom? NO!!! I mean Ubuntu even goes to the trouble of producing a version that is specifically designed to be run on MAC.

I will keep you guys posted on any further developments, so stay tuned.

Until then, what an EPIC FAIL!!!




11 thoughts on “Putting Ubuntu Studio on a Mac Book Pro

  1. Ed Hermano Blanco Smith

    I hate that I have to go along with this…but I do. I couldn’t even do a vanilla install of Ubuntu 10.04.4. My essentially-brand-new Macbook Pro wouldn’t play along. All I got was .exe files which I could do nothing with. Oh well. At least I have an old Gateway that should do the trick nicely. I’ll try that…but not now…LOL!

    1. anthonyvenable110 Post author

      You should have never got exe files at all when what you was looking for was really an iso image. Lol! thanks for the memories though!!!

  2. delightlylinux

    Tight, proprietary controls on closed hardware is one reason, in my opinion, why Apple lost to IBM in the 1980’s Mac vs. PC wars — and Apple still insists on doing things the same way. Even now, it seems Apple is adamant about maintaining control over its product line. Sure, software and hardware may work well within Apple’s world, but for those of us who like to explore alternatives with the freedom found in the PC world, Apple products are rotten to the core.

    The problems described in this post are the reason why I passed over Apple computers long ago. Buying into Apple systems means buying into a product line and a brand and then staying inside that brand. True, some Apple systems do work well with Linux and open source, but not all, resulting in an expensive gamble compared to over-the-shelf PC systems.

    Good post. Incompatibilities regarding open source and Apple products are rarely talked about.

    1. anthonyvenable110 Post author

      Thanks so much for that! What’s the point of leaving the Windows and Gates if you are still gonna be stuck in the Walled Garden of Despair

  3. Cro-Magnolia

    I found it a little funny in that interview with Linus Torvalds that he uses a MacBook Air. I understand his reasons for doing so but why he would support Apple in any way, I don’t.

    For the future, do you do checksums on your iso’s and burned dvd’s? It can save time in diagnosing the trouble. I don’t know if they still have it but Ubuntu used to have a utility on their site to check the integrity of your media.

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  5. anthonyvenable110 Post author

    Wow. I look back a couple years later and I really enjoyed this discussion that was had. I must revisit this post at some point. Hopefully that will be soon.

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