A library needs to be a library

Day by day we all see it, either people doing or saying something that truly is not in the best interest of themselves or others.

I experience this on a day to day basis and while I can hardly be described as perfect I do at least STRIVE to be better and better each day.

I always thought that the library was a place to read books, magazines and the like. And yes I understand in a world where technology has taken over our lives it is understandable to use the internet there as well. In fact that is what I am doing at this very moment while I am writing this.

I have my music playing with earphones and at a level where NO ONE else can hear it. This way everyone else can do what they need to do without being disturbed by me. That’s just how I feel personally and it seems to be real simple to do so. Sadly not all share this concern for others in the world in which we live. In fact the concept of being considerate and having manners seems to be largely a thing of the past something that has been antiquated. But really should that be the case? Of course not. Yet the way of the world is hardly what one would expect to make sense.

Prime example right when I got to the library today, I just wanted to use their WiFi while I wait to pick my sister up from school. So I go to the back where there is a room for those that wish to read books or use their laptops. To my chagrin all the seats were taken or so it would seem.

In fact one of the seats wasn’t really taken since there was a man that wasn’t sitting in it. He was standing behind the chair reading a newspaper. When I asked him if he needed the chair (since clearly he could stand and read his paper anywhere it made since to me) he replied that he did.

I thought that was insane and so I spoke to the head librarian there and told her what had happened, she walked with me and as we got to the room this joker had sat down in the chair.  So I said to myself…OK no problem I will just get another  chair and sit on the end of the table. Now keep in mind I didn’t think there were any that were available,so it was cool to be proven wrong this time. Once I sat down the other patrons looked at me and smiled one of them said.. LOL! he faked you out! And I nodded in reply.

You know what this guy did?   He stood right back up and has continued standing for over 30 mins. Talk about a fake out! At this point it was funny.

Eventually someone left and so I was able to get another spot and so all is well. But it just goes to show how “interesting” people can be sometimes.

Now maybe I am crazy but does it make since to hold up a chair you don’t desire to sit in it?(if it sounds petty oh well its the principle of the matter)

Oh, and this is just one occasion I have had an interesting time at the library so stay tuned and I will have more tales to tell you.


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