How to run an operating system without a CD or DVD

Sometimes we are working with machines that just do not have CD or DVD drives installed into them. What am I supposed to do in a case like that? Well thankfully there are options.

One of those options is to run your operating system of choice from a USB drive. There are a number of programs that you could use but this time we will talk about one that am quite fond of and that is Unetbootin. I know it has a funny sounding name but it is so very useful and easy to use as you shall see.

Now 1st of all you will need a USB drive unless you already have one that is available to use for this purpose as it is best that it has nothing else on it. I’d say 8GB or greater would be good, as you want to have space for the OS itself as well as programs and other data.

Insert USB drive into PC or Laptop and allow it to load up, once that’s done then  download Unetbootin from this site. Then you will need what  an .iso file. Now an .iso file is really the same information that would normally be on a CD or DVD, but supposed you just don’t have the operating system already burned onto the optical media of choice, well you can still use it directly by after the instructions of this post.In fact you could take a look at this for another example of how to do this a bit differently.

OK now the instructions are very straightforward you choose the operating system you wish to use and it will install it directly onto your flash drive. Now you will be able to boot it up from there, but first you must go into what is the  BIOS, and I will be discussing with you how to do that soon.


8 thoughts on “How to run an operating system without a CD or DVD

  1. robert_vs_hajnal

    I like the linux version of Unetbootin, smooth, but if someone want to make a *persistent* install of a linux image on that USB to use it also for saving (like a HDD) as a portable OS and making that USB *under Windows* , then Universal USB installer from PendriveLinux is better or Win32 Disk Imager, even LiLi

  2. anthonyvenable110 Post author

    Thanks btw. You just reminded me that there were in fact others, that I had actually used before. Oh well I can always write another post to compare several of them.


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